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Move beyond dots on a map. Blue Raster helps you tell your story through interactive mapping technology. Make your message clear, exciting, and user-friendly for both mobile and web platforms.

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It is easy to get excited about working on projects that are making a positive impact. Our team is passionate about our work, our clients, and our world.

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GIS Analysis

Let us use our advanced knowledge of geospatial and web technologies to help you develop a customized solution for your organization.

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Mobile Applications

Our mobile applications allow you to view, collect, analyze, and report data and geographic information while in the field.

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ArcGIS 11

ArcGIS 11 is the next revolution of Esri products.
Blue Raster is ready to take you there.

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We live in the Age of Data. Big data, little data, however you slice
it, we live it and breathe it. From the migrations of bees, to the
migrations of people, life as we know it is driven by an ever-
expanding and unimaginably complex pool of information. So…


What are you doing with your data?
Are you driving it… or is it driving you?
Tell us your story

We are experts in mapping
and data analysis.

Conduct multi-criteria decision-analysis

Clarify and enhance the relationship between elements

Efficiently uncover the hidden patterns in large databases (data mining)

Produce absolute versus relative data accuracy

Capture, analyze, and present data in real-time

Our clients think differently.
So do we.

Our clients tackle some of the world’s toughest challenges. By partnering with Blue Raster, you
can utilize our expertise and the exciting technologies of GIS to face them head on.

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