Asian American Pacific Islander Community Hub

The Asian American Unity Coalition (AAUC) is an organization that provides a framework for over 70 different Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) organizations to work together to connect, coordinate, and collaborate. To help empower and connect its members, AAUC set out to create a single ArcGIS Hub Site to share critical information and events, provide networking opportunities for AAPI organizations and individuals, and tell the story of the community’s diverse culture and heritage.

AAPI Community Hub

Blue Raster worked with AAUC to design, set-up, and deploy the AAPI ArcGIS Hub pilot prototype to bring together data about organization locations, resources, events, and initiatives. The resulting Asian American Pacific Islander Hub includes Blue Raster designed maps and data functionality in an easily consumable fashion.

Maps in the AAPI Hub

Visualizations include a map showing the locations of AAPI organizations nationwide. Users can click on any organization’s pin on the map to get details and a link to that group’s website. Another map shows the AAPI population by voting district to illustrate the ethnic make up of areas to aid in political advocacy activities. The Hub also includes other features like stories of community heritage that are offered in both native and English languages. The AAPI Community Hub is a powerful tool for AAUC and the AAPI community to share, connect, coordinate, collaborate, contribute and empower the community.


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