Celebrating ArcGIS Enterprise Implementation with Blue Raster’s Scott Geistmann

ArcGIS Enterprise is a perfect fit for deployment to a cloud platform enabling mapping and visualization, analytics, and data management. It is the foundational tool in an organization’s suite of Esri applications such as ArcGIS Pro and distributed collaborations with ArcGIS Online. Blue Raster assists its customers with Enterprise implementations in order to expand their spatial data analysis and data storage capabilities while unlocking new, more efficient workflows utilizing cloud native technologies. Having an Esri Enterprise System Design Professional on our team provides our clients with confidence and peace of mind.

ArcGIS Enterprise System Design Professional

Blue Raster is proud to celebrate our own Scott Geistmann for achieving the Esri Enterprise System Design Professional (ESDP2201) Certification. He is one of fewer than 40 experts who achieved the most recent Esri certification in the ArcGIS Enterprise system design. The certification exam covers 4 primary skill areas – Physical Architecture, Solution Architecture, Deployment and Troubleshooting, and Architectural Concepts. In order to acquire this expert-level certification, Scott mastered the four core skill areas above as well System Design, ArcGIS Monitor, System Log Parser, and eGDB Health tools. Attaining this certification is no easy feat. We applaud Scott for his hard work in ascertaining the content of hundreds of training modules and building countless simulated test environments to apply key concepts in preparation of the certification exam.

With the proliferation of cloud-based infrastructure over this most recent era of computing, Scott has taken the ball and ran with it. As Blue Raster’s resident enterprise implementation and server architecture expert, Scott provides key expertise to our customers. Scott assists customers by evaluating their current systems, weighing considerations of which upgrades to make, and mapping how to best design each customer’s system according to their unique needs. He has designed proprietary methodologies governing his approach to structuring and implementing customer systems in AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud which can be seen in the graphics below. This approach has proved invaluable in implementing more automated processes and standardization in customer systems.

AWS ArcGIS Enterprise Implementation
Azure ArcGIS Enterprise Implementation

Being in the Esri ecosystem since ArcGIS version 9.3, Scott has seen and experienced the full evolution of ArcGIS version 10 and is now looking forward to working with ArcGIS version 11 which is slated to release in 2022.


Scott’s certification as an Enterprise System Design Professional is part of Blue Raster’s pursuit of Esri's ArcGIS Cloud Specialty Program. This program certifies service providers in system architecture design, managed services, and ArcGIS Enterprise solutions in order to guide customers in their implementations of Esri’s Geospatial Cloud. Three Esri Cloud certifications are required under the scope of the Cloud Specialty Program – the Enterprise Geodata Management Professional, Enterprise Administration Professional, and Enterprise System Design Professional. Blue Raster team members, in addition to Scott, are currently working in preparation for these certifications by following individualized Esri training courses. We at Blue Raster look forward to joining this specialty and sharing our expertise and best practices with our customers.

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