ArcGIS Online Accelerate Training

We visited Austin, Texas last week to lead a second round of ArcGIS Online Accelerate training for the American Institutes for Research (AIR) and the Texas State Education Agency (TEA).

We held a first round of hands-on training in August that covered the skills needed to create (and to teach others in creating) maps in ArcGIS Online. At the end of the training, AIR and TEA were able to answer questions such as:  How can I create and share maps with colleagues within my organization or within a targeted audience? How can I make the most of my ArcGIS Online subscription? And most importantly, how can I create content that allows educators across Texas to effectively do their job?

AIR_Office_4     20160218_105029_resized     TrainingSlide3

This February, Blue Raster returned to Austin to build off of last year’s training and cover advanced topics. The two-day deep dive focused on refining and advancing the teams’ ArcGIS Online skills and covered spatial analysis and web application creation and deployment. The teams also utilized Blue Raster’s Story Map Starter Kit to learn the building blocks for creating effective Story Maps.


See images of two story maps from the training below. Learn more about Blue Raster’s GIS training at our ArcGIS Online Accelerate Solutions page.

The Geography of School Improvement in Texas


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