Automating Workflows for COVID-19 Response


Saratoga County is one of the fastest growing counties in upstate New York. The Department of Public Health has a robust COVID-19 dashboard that keeps businesses, policy makers, schools, and the general population informed of the rate of cases and hospitalizations. Using a New York State Department of Health emergency funding Coronavirus Response grant, the county partnered with Blue Raster for support with automating workflows and deploying ArcGIS Enterprise.

automating workflows

The Blue Raster team worked with the Department of Health to automate their daily data publishing process through ArcGIS Notebooks. Notebooks are an efficient, modern environment that combine code, on-the-fly visualizations and maps, as well as data tools. In the notebook editor, you can write, document, and run Python code in one place. This helped with automating workflows reduced the time spent each day updating the dashboard.

Blue Raster is also supporting the installation and configuration of a base deployment of ArcGIS Enterprise to support the expanding use of ArcGIS. We’re here to serve any state and local organization looking to better utilize their data.

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