Clearview Analytics Tool: Accelerating Economic Insight

Avenu Insights, a company focused on improving and maintaining revenue streams for state and local governments, and Blue Raster have just released the first iteration of the Clearview Analytics Economic Development Insights (EDI) tool. The Economic Development tool provides key insights to cities and counties to attract new business, plan future investments, and understand the competitive landscape. The tool is completely interactive and allows users to enter, analyze, and export data for their unique area of interest.

Input an address or select a point on the map to create reports using drive time distances that visualized areas of economic influence and reach

Economic Insights

The new tool uses Avenu Insight's Property Tax and Commercial Sales Tax in combination with ArcGIS GeoEnrichment and Analysis capabilities for site-level analysis of tax revenue. Some of the features of this tool include:

  • Integration with key Demographic and Economic indicators from the ArcGIS GeoEnrichment API to assess market suitability
  • Drive-Time Analysis capabilities from ArcGIS Online to set market areas of interest
  • Up-to-date Property and Sales Tax Revenue data on a quarterly reporting basis, broken down by NAICS code at the individual property level

Providing cities and counties this analysis tool is critical in supporting the economic growth and future success within that landscape. With this tool, businesses and Governments can answer a variety of questions they might have:

"What is the current composition a specific area by business sector?" or "How much growth has retain seen in the central business district in the past few years?"


Econimic Insight tool

For a limited time, Avenu is offering a Free Trial of the Clearview EDI tool for your jurisdiction. Don't miss this opportunity to be a pioneer for this tool and provide feedback for future iterations.

Blue Raster worked closely with Avenu Insights to build out this tool through design, development, deployment using the latest Esri Enterprise 10.7.1, the ArcGIS API for JavaScript, and Esri's Geoenrichment API. In addition, our team worked with Avenu Insights to configure and maintain their ArcGIS Enterprise Server. Our team is excited to continue GIS analysis and capabilities which support healthy economies.

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