Blue Raster now an Esri Federal Small Business Specialist

Blue Raster is proud to announce our participation in Esri’s Federal Small Business Program. This program creates opportunities for small businesses to deepen Geographic Information System (GIS) skills and prepare for upcoming federal procurements. The program offers a variety of outreach such as business development boot camps, hands-on technical workshops, and access to marketing and community events. Access to these benefits promotes good practices in business development, and prepares our developer staff to be the most knowledgeable in the GIS and Application Development fields as possible.


Under this program, Blue Raster will work closely with Esri, providing comprehensive service to the federal government. Involvement in the Federal Small Business Program is just one of the ways Blue Raster is constantly striving to be experts in the latest Esri technology, allowing us to deliver the best value to our many federal customers.

For more information about the Federal Small Business Specialty, visit the Esri News announcement.


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