City of Boston Zoning Viewer for Urban Planning

View planning and zoning information for properties across the City of Boston with the Boston Redevelopment Authority’s (BRA) new Boston Zoning Viewer. With the help of Blue Raster, this interactive web-mapping application was redesigned and updated with new data to assist city staff and the public in locating and determining zoning information for Boston land parcels.

Zoning Viewer Map Sample

Recognizing the need to build a tool that works across multiple platforms, Blue Raster worked to optimize the application (for the first time) on mobile devices in addition to desktops. The mapping tool was successfully migrated from Flex to JavaScript and uses the latest version of ArcGIS for Server.

Boston Zoning Goes Mobile

ArcGIS Image Extension serves imagery, and with the Zoning Viewer, both the public and city staff can access parcel information including address and owner, as well as many other contextual layers including zoning districts, smart growth, transit corridor and urban renewal.

Zoning Viewer Detailed Sample

For the first time, the new Zoning Viewer is available on tablets and phones. Users can select a parcel from the map, or locate a particular parcel by typing an address into the navigation search bar. The application also supports geo-searches with line-and-polygon buffer-selection tools.

Carolyn Bennett
This application greatly simplifies our ability to get at critical zoning information combined with other GIS data.
-Carolyn Bennett, Boston Redevelopment Authority GIS Manager


Staff and the public now have current information at their finger tips to make more informed planning decisions. Visit and explore the Boston Redevelopment Authority Zoning Viewer tool today.

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