Workforce Development Through Story Maps

Community colleges deeply impact students’ lives and add value as an engine of economic mobility. They are particularly important for students often left on the sidelines of higher education — foster youth, veterans, incarcerated adults, and low-income or first-generation students.

Driven by the need for new tools that demonstrate how community colleges can positively affect students’ lives, the Coast Community College District (CCCD) and Blue Raster partnered to publish a series of story maps preparing tomorrow’s workforce for the new economy. The TalentED Story Maps, built on the ArcGIS Online Cascade template, are a bold regional approach for engaging employers and educators in creating clear roadmaps for student success.

Through TalentED, students can visualize regional workforce needs and available educational opportunities. Counselors can also help others plan out a career path that reflects personal and financial goals.

Alongside the central TalentEd Story Map, industry-level Story Maps give students access to information on careers, colleges, and living costs, all targeted to their specific location.

Within each industry-level Story Map, users can watch short videos on the wide range of jobs associated with each industry. They can also view all companies in Orange County that are involved in a specific industry, and find a community college where they can continue their studies for a job in that field. Further interactive display options allow users to also tailor their experience to their needs, placing themselves on the path to a great career.

As Stephanie Feger, Project Director of Coast Community College District said:

“This resource will be invaluable to the colleges and students in our region. We value Blue Raster’s partnership in design, development, documentation and support. We truly appreciate Blue Raster’s expertise and collaborative approach.”

Check out the TalentED Story Maps today!

Biotechnology story map

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