Above the Waters: A Cinematic Journey Through the Delaware River Watershed

The Delaware River holds a rich tapestry of history, playing a pivotal role in the development of the United States and serving as a witness to centuries of human activity. Flowing for approximately 330 miles through the eastern United States, the river originates in the Catskill Mountains of New York and eventually empties into the Delaware Bay. Its watershed encompasses parts of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, making it a vital waterway that has shaped the region's cultural, economic, and environmental landscape.

It serves as a source of drinking water, supports diverse ecosystems, and offers recreational opportunities. Efforts to balance conservation and development persist, as communities work together to ensure the sustainable use and preservation of this historic and ecologically significant waterway. Today, the Delaware River continues to play a crucial role in the lives of millions of people. The Delaware River stands as a symbol of the intertwined relationship between human societies and the natural environment, showcasing the ongoing importance of responsible stewardship for future generations.

Telling the Story of the Delaware River Watershed

Blue Raster partnered with Delaware Currents to create and deliver an educational video about the Delaware river watershed. With aerial footage provided by Light Hawk and contributions from Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) and Partnership for the Delaware Estuary (PDE), viewers can embark on an immersive journey along the Delaware River learning about its history, challenges and significance.

Embarking on a flight along the Delaware River unveils a captivating journey through time, weaving together the threads of history, culture, and environmental significance that have shaped this iconic waterway and its expansive watershed. This aerial expedition provides a unique perspective, allowing us to appreciate the interconnectedness of the region's past, present, and future.


Delaware River Storyboard

As we approach the 20th century, the flight takes us over urban centers and industrial landscapes, bearing witness to the environmental challenges that emerged. Efforts to balance industrial progress with environmental preservation became increasingly critical, leading to the establishment of regulatory bodies like the Delaware River Basin Commission. This commitment to conservation aimed to protect the river's waters and ecosystems for future generations.

The journey concludes as we survey the modern landscape shaped by environmental stewardship and community engagement. The Delaware River stands as a testament to the resilience of ecosystems, the importance of clean water, and the ongoing efforts to balance human needs with environmental sustainability. From the headwaters to the estuary, the flight along the Delaware River highlights not just a waterway but a living, breathing testament to the intertwined history, culture, and ecology of the region—a journey through our history, our watershed.

The Impact of Partnerships in Storytelling

The creation of the video  involved a collaborative effort, bringing together various organizations, contributors, and media partners to produce a visually stunning and informative exploration of the Delaware River. Brought to you by Delaware Currents, the video's production was made possible through the support of key entities and contributors. The Blue Raster team was responsible for editing and production of the video, incorporating GIS element to provide a more spatial context and location-based visualizations. Of particular note, the DRBC played a pivotal role in providing insights into the river's management, regulatory efforts, and environmental conservation while the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary added valuable insights into the ecological importance of the river's estuarine region and its role in sustaining diverse ecosystems. Media partners played a crucial role in amplifying the project's reach, ensuring that the video's content was well researched and reached the necessary audiences through various platforms.

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