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DC Office of Zoning

3D Zoning in Washington D.C.

The Washington, DC Office of Zoning (DCOZ) provides assistance and oversight for the District of Columbia Zoning Commission (ZC) and Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA). DCOZ reviews and accepts applications and enforces zoning criteria. With the help of Blue Raster, robust mapping and GIS tools provide citizens with general understanding and transparency around these criteria, rules and regulations. In 2016, Blue Raster and DCOZ collaborated to create the DC Zoning Map of 2016 and the Historical Zoning Mapping Application. New in 2018, we are excited to announce the next application in the series, the 3D Zoning Map. This new interactive map uses the latest geospatial and 3D technology to provide both residents and developers a tool to navigate and plan the District’s landscape.

DCOZ 3D Zoning image

To assist developers with visualizing what their project will look like against the current landscape, the 3D Zoning Map allows users to delete current buildings, upload new projects, and perform Before & After and Light Study analyses. Using Esri’s ArcGIS API for Javascript, data from DCOZ and the DC Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO) is added to a Web Scene. Additionally, users have the ability to view zoning information from the Zoning Handbook and link to their address in the official Zoning Map.

DCOZ 3D Zoning imageThe 3D Zoning Map is an innovative public tool from DCOZ for citizens, developers, and agencies to collaborate and understand the zoning regulations in the nations Capitol.

“Our goal at DCOZ is to always be working towards greater transparency and to be increasing the amount of relevant information we can provide in interesting ways. It is our hope that the 3D Zoning Map will further demystify zoning and land use permitting in the District of Columbia and increase resident’s ability to participate in the process. We are excited to continue our partnership with Blue Raster through the release of the 3D Zoning Map.”  Matthew Holden, Zoning Data Coordinator, Office of Zoning | District of Columbia Government

The Future of 3D Zoning

Building the future of zoning in DC is no easy feat. Blue Raster is currently working with the D.C. Office of Zoning to introduce 3D into a Zoning Map, coming soon.

What can you expect to see? How about something like this:

You like shadows? Maybe see how they change over the day?

How about building heights? They fall inside the building height standards?

Coming soon, in partnership with our friends at the DC Office of Zoning

Historic Zoning in DC

Blue Raster worked with the DC Office of Zoning (DCOZ) to compile scanned versions of the 1958 zoning data as it evolved over approximately 60 years to present day. The data was georeferenced and converted to digital services and then displayed through an interactive application that allows users to choose a year of interest and see which case records happened on or before that year. By investigating the evolution of the zoning information for a property, insight can be gained into the when and why a change occurred.

By using a responsive design, the information is now available across a number of devices and browsers. Be sure to explore the history of your zone today!

DCOZ Historic Zoning Viewer


Zoning Washington D.C.’s Future

Blue Raster and the DC Office of Zoning (DCOZ) worked together to create the DC Zoning Map of 2016, a mobile-responsive application that incorporates recently adopted DC Zoning Regulations of 2016 in a platform available to the public. The application provides users a rich representation of DC Zoning by color and offers powerful search capabilities, detailed PDF reports for properties, and high quality cartographic outputs. It delivers all the new regulations and maps to consumers accessing the web via a growing variety mobile devices and platforms, and was nominated by for Best Web/Mobile Product of the Year in the inaugural D.C. Innovation Awards.

The launch follows the first major rewrite of Washington D.C. Zoning Regulations since 1958. The modern application allows ease of access for the public who may be curious about their neighborhood’s potential development or proximity to historic sites, while being a valuable resource to residents, developers, and government agencies who want to keep Washington growing and lively while respecting the historic character of the city.

The DC Zoning Application leverages the latest technologies to provide these advanced features to the user. For example, ArcGIS for Server delivers geographic data via map services, and React JS and Backbone JS drive the architecture and sustainability of the code base. The site fully integrates with the government’s existing systems, such as the Interactive Zoning Information System, delivering valuable lot-level data and reports. Customized geoprocessing and vector printing allow users to export stylized, high-quality cartographic maps, while PDFKit produces standardized pdf reports for each property of interest. Sweet Alerts deliver customized messaging throughout the application experience.

Explore Washington D.C. and visit the application today.

NyambiThe new ZR16 zoning map application and the Zoning Handbook generate a greater active interest in zoning by presenting visual data and a lot of content in a clear and concise manner. Blue Raster effectively worked to translate DCOZ’s vision into an application we are all proud of.

– Nyambi A. Nyambi, Chief Technology Officer, District of Columbia Office of Zoning