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Town of Chapel Hill

Blue Raster Exhibits and Presents at the 2023 North Carolina ArcGIS Users Group Conference

The North Carolina ArcGIS Users Group (NCAUG) 2023 conference brought together GIS professionals, industry leaders, and innovators within the North Carolina GIS community. Hosted annually by NCAUG, the event showcases a wide array of topics, from advanced spatial analytics to the practical applications of GIS in various industries. This year, the event’s theme was "Sparking Innovation: Energizing GIS Technology for the Future.”

Blue Raster Gets Involved in North Carolina

From September 26 – 29, Project Managers Chris Gabris and Ben Masters represented Blue Raster in Asheville, NC—marking our organization’s first time attending the NCAUG fall conference—where they showcased the ways our team implements innovative GIS solutions for our customers. The week began on the Reem’s Creek Golf Course for the pre-conference tournament, where Ben connected in person with other conference attendees and learned how each of his teammates utilize GIS in their day-to-day roles.

Ben and his teammates at Reem’s Creek Golf Course in Asheville, NC.
Ben and his teammates at Reem’s Creek Golf Course in Asheville, NC.

The following day kicked off the opening of the conference, exhibit hall, and plenary session. As a platinum sponsor of the conference, Chris and Ben were given the opportunity to introduce Blue Raster to the community and present company information during the Vendor Parade. The opening of the exhibit hall allowed them to connect with current customers like the Town of Chapel Hill, North Carolina businesses, and state and local government GIS professionals to understand their current GIS needs and showcase Blue Raster’s latest solutions and services.

Presenting at NCAUG

Chris and Ben presented Blue Raster’s work with the City of Manassas Park, VA, in support of the conference’s theme of innovation in GIS. The presentation told the story of how Blue Raster helped Manassas Park transform their GIS practices, bringing modern solutions to multiple departments and highlighting GIS as an authoritative source of information for city workflows. Chris and Ben covered the history of the engagement, how GIS has grown and been adopted by city employees, and how GIS integrated and improved existing systems. One highlight of the presentation was the deep dive into Manassas Park’s ArcGIS Velocity deployment for public safety and public works vehicles. The topic of real-time data in GIS was a persistent theme at the conference and Blue Raster is excited to support organizations looking to add these capabilities to their GIS practices.

Chris and Ben presenting Blue Raster’s ongoing work with the City of Manassas Park, VA.
Chris and Ben presenting Blue Raster’s ongoing work with the City of Manassas Park, VA.

Parting Thoughts

NCAUG’s fall conference was a great way to connect with GIS professionals and get more involved in the North Carolina GIS community. Both Chris and Ben enjoyed getting to meet new people and reuniting with old customers and colleagues. Blue Raster looks forward to the next NCAUG event and working with those we met at this year’s conference to help solve their GIS problems with advanced solutions.

Blue Raster and the local North Carolina Esri team continuing to build a strong partnership.
Blue Raster and the local North Carolina Esri team continuing to build a strong partnership.

Esri State and Local Specialty:
Enabling Digital Communities Nationwide

Blue Raster is proud to be a Partner in the Esri State and Local Specialty program. The State & Local Government Specialty program is designed to help Esri customers identify providers with ArcGIS expertise and substantial experience in working with local, state, county, and city governments. Partner companies must demonstrate a track record of delivering value to these organizations.

State and Local Experience

Blue Raster supports the development of platforms and applications that help state and local organizations manage, use, and disseminate geospatial data and analysis to for better decision making regarding policy, budgets, planning, and more. Using the full Esri platform, we provide a full range of services setting up ArcGIS Enterprise, ArcGIS Hub site, and Operations  Dashboards to optimizing Field GIS tools like Field Maps, Survey 123, ArcGIS Workforce, and ArcGIS Collector. Our state and local support has spanned the nation from coast to coast including small towns, to major metropolitan areas.
Our solutions, leveraging all aspects of the ArcGIS platform have supported:

  • Emergency Response
  • Fire Services
  • Law Enforcement
  • Fish & Wildlife
  • Planning & Development
  • Transportation
  • COVID Response
Blue Raster - State and Local Government Specialty

Blue Raster solutions and services are available to state and local agencies via the GSA schedule as well as a number of state contracts including Virginia's eProcurement Portal (eVA ID #VS000009118), Maryland CATS+, and Pennsylvania Disaster Emergency Suppliers.

Michael Lippmann
“We’re proud to have our state and local experience and expertise recognized with our place in the specialty program,” said Michael Lippmann Principal/Founder of Blue Raster. “We’re looking forward to expanding out work with communities to ensure data is being used and understood in ways that can make a direct impact on how citizens live, work, and play.”

We’re here to serve any state and local organization looking to better utilize their data
Contact us today to learn more about the Esri State and Local Specialty Program!

State and Local Government Logos

Blue Raster at NC GIS

Hey Ya'll ! Due to the Pandemic, the annual North Carolina GIS Conference was held virtually this year, from Feb 16-19, instead of the usual location of Winston-Salem. Blue Raster Program Manager Phil Satlof attended sessions, staffed the virtual "booth" and presented on the topic of Configurable apps like ArcGIS Dashboards, Extendable and Custom-Configurable applications.

A highlight ofNC GIS Conference the conference for Blue Raster was when Chase Barnard and Dave Almond of the Town of Chapel Hill GIS Team presented "Paradise by the Operations Dashboard" which details the collaborative partnership forged between Blue Raster and the Town to refine ArcGIS Dashboards, Experience Builder Apps and create a custom workflow to pipe Computer Aided Dispatch data from the Orange County, NC 911 system into the Town ArcGIS Online account for use in a situational awareness dashboard.

Check back soon for more updates to this exciting workflow!