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Modernize Your Gardens

Blue Raster works with multiple public gardens and arboreta to develop cutting-edge web and mobile applications.

Blue Raster has been working with Arboreta, Public Gardens, and Cemeteries since 2010. We deploy modern web and mobile mapping applications to provide workflows for internal use and assets for your visitors to enhance their experience.

• Workforce and Collections Management

• Digital Transformation

• Web and Mobile Mapping Apps

• Facility Management and Dashboards

• Drone Basemaps and Asset Inspection

• Turfgrass Analysis


• Plants and Monuments Repository

Mobile Applications

US National Arboretum Mobile App

Gardens Mobile App

Operations Dashboard

Green-Wood Cemetery Collections Dashboard

Gardens Dashboard

Enhanced Experience

Visitor Mobile App

Gardens Mobile App

Workflow Management

Workforce and Collections Management

Gardens Workflow Management


Facility Management and Dashboards

Gardens Dashboard

Drone Operations

Drone Basemaps and Asset Inspection

Gardens Drone Operations

Drone Mapping

Flight path planning

Gardens Drone inspection

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