Getting Started with Power BI

Implementing a new platform can be challenging and multi-faceted, and Blue Raster’s experience has helped us pinpoint keys to success in the development, deployment, and maintenance of tailored Power BI solutions. We’ll help you focus on the process and the people needed to implement a new platform (change is hard!), and we’ve got the technical chops and training skills to ensure that this becomes a sustainable, self-service solution. We want to help you get started with Power BI today!

Blue Raster can help you get started with Power BI

3 Steps for Getting Started

1) Think about what you are trying to solve:

  • Are your business processes creating bottlenecks? Do you see areas with room for improvement in terms of efficiency?
  • How are you measuring the relative success/failure of business processes?
  • Are there areas of your business you would like to track more closely?
  • Do you need up-to-date data at your fingertips about a process/product/topic area?

2) Think about your data:

  • That’s a big ask – but think about the questions you want to answer and then try to think about whether you have existing data that can answer those questions.
  • Now think about where the data resides and in what format –
  • Is your data in Excel? SharePoint? SQL server? MySQL? DHIS2?

3) Put it all together.

  • Does the data you identified in step 2 answer any of the problems/questions identified in step 1? If you do not have the data to answer your questions, are you able to start collecting it?

Business intelligence is about the generation of actionable insights – and having a clear understanding of the problems you are facing and the data you have to help you solve those problems will help you on your way! 

Power BI System Diagram

What can Blue Raster do for you?

The Blue Raster team will help you think through the questions above (which are harder than they may appear) and will guide you through our tested deployment process. Regardless of which deployment type and strategy your organization takes on, the process remains the same. Note that the process documented below is intended to help organizations get started with Power BI, but that BI implementation is not linear. The process of feedback and learning is continuous, and any report developer will tell you that reports are never done!

Working on Power BI
Power BI process
1. Requirements Gathering

Prior to the implementation of Power BI, Blue Raster will guide your team through key questions that will help inform deployment, architecture, and licensing decisions. 

Key questions to ask when planning your deployment: 

  • Where is source data stored? 
  • Who are your report developers, end-users/consumers, and system admins? 
  • How do end-users want to consume this data? 
  • How frequently will data be updated (in the source)? 
  • What is the existing IT infrastructure? 
  • Are there security standards requiring data to remain on premises? 
  • What is the complexity of the solution? (model size/complexity, query complexity, row level security needs) 
2. Determine Architecture and Licensing
3. Training
4. Establish Content Organization and Governance Strategy
5. Set Adoption Targets
6. Build and Deploy

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