GIS Day 2020

Virtual GIS Day Celebration at Blue Raster

On November 18th, we celebrated GIS Day 2020 by hosting GIS students from Washington-Liberty High School. For the ninth year, Blue Raster hosted the class led by teacher Ryan Miller, providing students with a greater understanding of the work GIS professionals do in the world today. Unlike previous years, this year was the first-ever virtual celebration.

GIS Day 2020

The Blue Raster team shared some of the most recent real-world GIS success stories through a round of lighting talk presentation on recent and ongoing projects. From a distance, we were able to connect through the power of GIS technologies such as Collector for ArcGIS and ArcGIS Dashboards designed for a tree foliage field activity.

GIS Day Stars

GIS Day live stream
GIS Day live stream
GIS Day live stream
GIS Day at Blue Raster
Outside the Classroom

Additionally, this year we experienced the unique opportunity of hosting and being part of GIS Day with WJLA ABC7’s Outside the Classroom. Ryan Miller broadcast live from the Blue Raster Jungle and the Blue Raster team shared how we leverage on the power of storytelling using GIS data. The show was streamed live on both WJLA and Facebook. You can watch the Facebook recording here.

Read more about some of Blue Raster’s past GIS Day activities here.

GIS Day through the years

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