In It For the Long Haul: Transload Distribution Association partners with Blue Raster to visualize, analyze and prioritize

Blue Raster is partnering with Transload Distribution Association of North America (TDANA) to develop an interactive ArcGIS Dashboard that elevates transloading as the preferred method for the efficient, 21st century distribution of products. 

With an increase in international trade and growth of e-commerce in recent years, transloading services have become an increasingly integral part of moving goods that arrive at a port and travel inland. In its simplest form, intermodal shipping is the movement of freight by two or more transportation modes: truck, ship, rail, or aircraft. Many long-haul shipments of goods involve multiple shipping companies before the shipment reaches its ultimate destination, so developing a way to utilize preferred methods is a necessity.  

Blue Raster created a ArcGIS Dashboard that allows members to search by company name, facility state, commodity type, rail lines served, or equipment type needed for their transloading demands. This centralized resource allows transloaders within North America to locate and utilize a variety of service organizations to best meet their transloading needs efficiently.  To increase member participation and feed data to the Dashboard, Blue Raster created an ArcGIS Survey123 form for seamless integration. New and existing members can update their facilities survey with their location, services, and contact information to provide up-to-date information for partners to access. The ease of updating the dashboard’s information provides reliable and current information for its users.  

Transload dashboard“Blue Raster delivers a design that intuitively leads shippers to our members – easy access all in one map!” – Carrie Foor, Executive Director of TDANA 

This dashboard embeds established transloading methods with innovative technology to create a well-organized resource for shipping partners to find members across the United States, Canada, and Mexico with the common goal of saving time and money utilizing the most efficient routes possible.  

TDANA plans to expand the dashboard and create ArcGIS StoryMaps in the coming months.

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