Innovation 2.0: Draper Innovation Index launches new version

Following up on the previous versions of the Draper Innovation Index (DII), Blue Raster is proud to announce the launch of the Draper Innovation Index Global 2.0. According the the Draper Hero Institute (DHI) the ArcGIS Hub site “will be the first index of its kind to be updated monthly to reflect the most current state of the ever-evolving state of economic opportunities, economic freedom for innovators, entrepreneurs, and investors around the globe.”

A collaboration between DHI and Blue Raster, the Draper Innovation Index consists of ArcGIS Dashboards, StoryMaps and Hub.

What is new in this Draper Hero Institute update:

  • The DII Global’s Government Quality category now incorporates the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Democracy Index, which evaluates nations based on five indicator categories: electoral processes and pluralism, government functioning, political participation, political culture and civil liberties. First published in 2006, the Democracy Index draws on survey questions and expert analysis and is updated quarterly. It classifies nations into four categories: full democracies, flawed democracies, hybrid regimes, and authoritarian regimes.
  • The DII’s new Country Sentiment Index, a proprietary DII algorithm, incorporates three main components:
  • S&P Dow Jones’ Global Equity Indices, which measures changes in equity markets, in a specific country or region;
  • Currency fluctuations in relation to the price of Bitcoin;
  • The World Uncertainty Index (WUI), created by International Monetary Fund and Stanford University economists in 2018 as “the first effort to construct a panel index of uncertainty for a large set of developed and developing countries.”

Tim DraperThese additions enable the DII Global to better accomplish its core mission, providing a global look at which countries and regions have the freest economies and the best, most supportive environments for innovation, entrepreneurship, and investment,” said DHI Founder Tim Draper. “This knowledge is more important now than ever, as the competition for employers, skilled workforce, and capital has only become fiercer since governments now need to compete globally for innovators.

Make sure to revisit the DII Global each month to see how rankings continue to shift based on the most current data.

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