Jane’s Green Hope: Blue Raster supports 87 Years of Jane Goodall’s Impact

For over 60 years, Dr. Jane Goodall has inspired and motivated millions of people around the globe to live in greater harmony with nature and to take action on behalf of the planet we share. To celebrate her 87th birthday, Dr. Goodall is asking you to pledge to make a difference via the Jane’s Green Hope campaign,

Jane’s Green Hope Pledge

In the fight against biodiversity loss and the Climate Crisis, restoration, regeneration, and protection of global forests are some of our greatest hopes. Join Jane and thousands of people from around the world in taking action to create a greener future for all by making a pledge to the Jane’s Green Hope (#JanesGreenHope) campaign.

Jane and the Jane Goodall Institute’s efforts to protect and restore forests are part of the Trillion Trees initiative. It emphasizes the potential of forests to improve wellbeing and livelihoods for local and indigenous communities, combat climate change, and protect global biodiversity. Every individual can make a difference.

To support this goal, the Jane Goodall Institute asked longtime partner Blue Raster (read about past efforts here) to develop a pledge action response form and dashboard using Esri’s Survey123 , ArcGIS Online Web Maps and ArcGIS Dashboards.  At the end of the campaign, the map will be presented to Dr. Goodall so she can see the global reach of the campaign. YOUR efforts will be on that map if you take the pledge and follow it up with action! Join the  Jane’s Green Hope campaign today!

Jane's Green Hope campaign celebrates Jane Goodall's 87th birthday

Jane Goodall and the Blue Raster Team

Jane's Green Hope campaign celebrates Jane Goodall's 87th birthday

Action Response Form developed by Blue Raster


Pledge to plant, protect, and/or restore native trees and forests, and engage in greening your community. Visit Jane’s Green Hope on the web and take action for the world today!  https://janegoodall.org/make-a-difference/janes-green-hope/

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