Modeling a Decision Support System in Response to COVID-19

We are proud to work in partnership with the Space Enabled Research Group at the MIT Media Lab and East Carolina University in developing a decision support tool that can inform public policy in response to challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Vida Decision Support System is a customized online tool designed for use by public sector officials at the city and regional level who are making policies regarding public health, the economy, or environmental management. The Vida Decision Support System helps city and regional leaders understand the relationships between important societal factors. The tool is built on a framework that uses a series of models:

  • Environment
  • Socio-Economic Vulnerability
  • Public Policy and Decision-Making
  • Technology Design

Vida is based on an integrated Data Visualization and Modeling Framework created by the Space Enabled research group at MIT that combines multiple data sources and creates simulations of the current or potential future states of a city or region.

This tool is being developed in partnership with several government entities including Angola, Brazil, Chile, Indonesia, and Mexico. The tool was developed using ArcGIS Dashboards. The “Analysis” tab includes an embedded data comparison tool developed in JavaScript.

Beyond COVID, this tool can be applied to any number of disruptions including drought and extreme weather events, as well as helping to meet sustainable development goals.


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