New Analysis Tools for Greenpeace

Greenpeace Indonesia has released its latest addition: custom Fires and GLAD (Global Land Analysis & Discovery) Analysis. Users easily create generated reports on active Fires across Indonesia, powered by data from the NASA MODIS Fire Detection Satellites, updated in near real-time. They can also generate reports on GLAD Datasets, which contain 30-meter resolution Forest Loss, adding up to billions of pixels worldwide.

All the Analysis is done on the fly and includes the most up to date data possible. Analysis is available nationally for Indonesia and for selected islands or provinces, and results pinpoint exactly where the highest numbers of fires or GLAD alerts exist. Hotspots are by districts, concessions, areas of peatland, and instances within tiger and orangutan habitats.

These reports are powered by the latest technology, including the ArcGIS JavaScript API, Highcharts to animate the reports, React JS to build the library interface, and ES6.

With the new analysis tool, it’s extremely quick and easy for anyone interested in Indonesian commodities to spot potential problems as they arise. Researchers can interrogate the concession data we’ve publicly released to see which groups or companies have the highest rates of clearance or fire alerts. This can help identify long-term trends and show customers any potential problems with forest and peatland clearance in their supply chains.

-Kiki Taufik, Coordinator of Greenpeace Indonesia’s Forests Campaign


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