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Planet Partner

Blue Raster is excited to announce that we are now a Planet Silver Partner.

Blue Raster and Planet


Blue Raster is excited to announce that we are now a Silver Planet Partner.

Planet is a leader in Earth Observation. Images the Earth every day, making change visible, accessible, and actionable. With the highest frequency satellite data commercially available, Planet helps you anticipate what's next

Empower your workflows

Rethink your field operations and empower your organization by getting the latest satellite imagery in your GIS workflows. Monitor rassets and ensure operational continuity wherever you are.

Satellite Imagery Gallery

Planet provides geospatial insights at the speed of change, equipping users with the data necessary to make informed, timely decisions. We offer a diverse selection of imagery and analytic solutions, all made available online through our platform and web-based tools.

Enrich your GIS databases with the most up-to-date satellite imagery available today. Perform richer analyses combining other geospatial data sources, to get a comprehensive, nuanced understanding of the locations you want to monitor.

Planet's Approach

From spacecraft to APIs,they have the hardware and software to service the largest fleet of Earth-imaging satellites in orbit and scale our 7+ petabyte imagery archive, growing daily.


Real-time insights
We've redefined every part of the Earth-imaging pipeline to deliver actionable insights in near real-time


Agile aerospace
From satellites to APIs, we've built our entire platform with off-the-shelf components and open source software


They innovate at every step, and bring it together in a complete geospatial data and analytics platform

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