Inspiring Student Innovation with Planet3

Blue Raster worked with Planet3 on their digital learning platform that combines game design, storytelling, and data sets to bring science to life for students. The platform consists of game-based simulations and case studies that enable students to explore connections between the science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) subjects. Planet3 launched its first pilot program with school districts in Nevada during the 2016-17 school year.

Planet3 Exploration Learning Platform

Planet3 was founded by former National Geographic Society President Tim Kelly, and scientist and National Geographic Explorer Albert Lin. Their mission is “to empower the next generation to solve the complex challenges facing our planet by taking science education to a new frontier.” To accomplish this goal, their team is transforming science education by presenting the earth as a living laboratory.

In Fall 2017, Planet3 will launch a complete interactive middle school science curriculum nationwide. The curriculum is composed of Missions that cover the core ideas of the life, earth, and physical sciences. Each Mission’s  modular components include rich media, data visualizations, interactive 3D adventures, case studies, and embedded assessments.

Our team partnered with Planet3 to build out mapping modules for the platform. The modules teach students how to analyze complex data and cover a range of topics including geology, ecosystems, climate and global climate change, and weather. See some of the modules in action in the video below.

Albert Lin, Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer

“The Blue Raster team has been critical to the design and planning of our data command center. It has been great to work with another team that is passionate about sharing Earth’s data stories,” said Albert Lin, who also has extensive experience in bringing GIS data to life. “In this age of information, empowering all citizens, especially young people, to leverage tools to better understand the frontiers of science and our impact on the planet is critical for our collective future.”

To create the modules, our team leveraged the latest technology including D3.js, Reveal.js, Highcharts.js, ArcGIS Online, Esri basemaps, and Leaflet. The modules utilize data from NASA, NOAA, and other research organizations.

Be sure to check out a sneak peek of the platform at Planet3’s Exploration Learning page!

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