StoryMaps in the Time of COVID-19: Telling the Story of the Red Cross Response Efforts

While a large portion of the country and world is doing its part to stay indoors during the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, organizations like the American Red Cross continue to provide disaster relief. What do these efforts look like during times of COVID-19? To highlight these efforts, Blue Raster collaborated with the Red Cross to publish a new story map: How the Red Cross is Helping During COVID-19.

The goal of the story map is to showcase how the Red Cross has shifted its operations while continuing to fulfill their lifesaving work to alleviate suffering despite the pandemic. Additionally, since the coronavirus disease impacts different regions in different ways, the story map highlights what COVID-19 relief missions look like across the country. Just as important, it provides the reader with resources for how to help.

Red Cross StoryMap Details

To portray the significance of the Red Cross’s efforts, Blue Raster leveraged ArcGIS StoryMaps platform. We were excited to configure the new Navigation bar. This allows the read to skip the scrolling and jump to a section of interest. The new floating panel layout for the Sidecar allows the featured photos to tell more than a thousand words. In addition, the Express Map helps highlight the geographic breadth of the Red Cross’s COVID-19 response. Thanks to the photos provided by the Red Cross, the story map provides an intimate look into the interactions between the Red Cross relief teams and those being assisted during a time of strict distancing. View the full Red Cross StoryMap here: How the Red Cross is Helping People During COVID-19

In times of COVID-19, Blue Raster prioritizes helping organizations like the Red Cross tell their story in a meaningful and impactful way. Learn about COVID-10 Response efforts using ArcGIS. We are ready to assist your organization with the rapid setup of ArcGIS platforms that best suit your needs, such as Operations Dashboards, ArcGIS Hub, and Experience Builder, and more.

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