Blue Raster & Smithsonian Promote Internship Program with ArcGIS StoryMaps

Blue Raster worked to develop an ArcGIS StoryMap to promote the Smithsonian Institution's Leadership for Change Internship Program. The Leadership for Change Internship, helmed by Smithsonian Affiliations, provides paid internship opportunities for students at museums, cultural, and educational organizations that are partners within the Smithsonian Affiliations network. To help showcase the impressive reach of Leadership for Change, Smithsonian Affiliations collaborated with Blue Raster to develop a StoryMap highlighting past internship projects and explaining the program to potential applicants.

What Leads to Successful StoryMap Development?

Blue Raster worked directly with Smithsonian Affiliations to plan and create an ArcGIS StoryMap to meet their goal of promoting the Leadership for Change Internship Program. In planning out the StoryMap content, Smithsonian Affiliations used the StoryMap Accelerator offered by Blue Raster. The StoryMap Accelerator aids development through a series of guided discovery questions that help to outline the narrative and content to be used in the ArcGIS StoryMap.

Highlighting the Internship Experience

Smithsonian Affiliations identified StoryMaps as their preferred platform because it enabled a multimedia showcase of both the opportunities afforded through the Leadership for Change Internship Program and the impressive student internship projects created across the country.

SI Affiliates StoryMap Home Page

The StoryMap provides a multimedia experience for those looking to learn about Leadership for Change

Smithsonian Affiliations is utilizing the StoryMap as their homepage for the Leadership for Change Internship Program this year. Blue Raster worked within the Smithsonian’s timeline to allow for a launch date right at the beginning of 2024.  The deadline to apply for the Leadership for Change internship program is February 26th, 2024. We encourage everyone to share this great opportunity with young people that may be interested in applying.

Map Showing national impact of intern projects

The map portion of the StoryMap highlights the nation-wide community impacts of past internship projects

Enrich your Projects with ArcGIS StoryMaps

Blue Raster is here to discuss your project and explore the possibilities of ArcGIS Story Maps. Our talented team of designers and GIS analysts will work closely with you to understand your goals and vision. Blue Raster can turn your ideas into immersive and engaging narratives that leave a lasting impact. Contact Blue Raster now to embark on a journey of storytelling, innovation, and project enrichment.

SI Affiliations StoryMap Overview

Overview of ArcGIS Story Map

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