STATcompiler et l’Appli Mobile disponibles en français

The DHS Program STATcompiler and Mobile App — now available in French!

Following the successful launches of the updated STATcompiler and DHS Program Mobile applications, Blue Raster extends the reach of the two platforms into the Francophone world. The Blue-Raster-built Indicator Data API delivers thousands of French-language indicator definitions seamlessly to both STATcompiler and Mobile App users.  The applications recognize the language settings of the device and load the appropriate language and numeric formats, while a new User Interface allows for toggling between English and French.

STATcompiler French

The applications feature maps built on Esri ArcGIS Server and customized with the Esri JavaScript API for ArcGIS- which allows for easy addition of French-language labels.
appli3-1024x597Visit or the app store of your choice to today.  Merci!


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