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Enhanced Visualization of DHIS2 Data

What is DHIS2?

DHIS2the District Health Information Software, is an open-source platform for data collection, analysis and reporting of healthy system data. Ministries of Health in over 60 countries use DHIS2 to monitor both aggregate and patient-level data. Blue Raster has had the opportunity to create enhanced visualizations of data collected and stored in DHIS2 using Power BI and ArcGIS Online.

What is enhanced visualization?

While the DHIS2 platform has inbuilt data visualization capabilities, Blue Raster found opportunities to optimize the presentation of data for decision making in the form of interactive dashboards using Power BI and geospatial analysis using ArcGIS Online. We determined that Power BI and ArcGIS Online were the right tools for the job, and we created an automated workflow to extract data directly from DHIS2 for processing and display in other tools.  

We put this workflow to use in our work on the TRACE project in Lesotho. These visualizations are helping to guide decision makers and contribute to the global fight to reach HIV epidemic control.

DHIS2 visualization

Why use those additional technologies?

Using Power BI and ArcGIS Online adds analytic value and the opportunity to customize the look and feel of DHIS2 visualizations.  

Advantages of Power BI: 

  • Additional data processing/cleaning prior to visualization 
  • Cross-filter and cross-highlight between different visualizations 
  • Drill up and down in geographic hierarchies 
  • Copy and paste specific visuals and export data from visuals 

Advantages of ArcGIS Online: 

  • Explore connections between data using customizable interactive maps 
  • Develop professional-looking web applications to visualize data using out of the box configurable tools 
  • Perform statistical and geospatial analysis using your data sets and sources from ESRI’s Living Atlas (library of curated datasets) 

How can I get started with my DHIS2 data?

Blue Raster can help you take full advantage of your DHIS2 data. Our expertise in human-centered design coupled with our technical expertise in Power BI and Esri's ArcGIS tools can help you make the best decisions at the right time using your data. Contact us today to get started.  

Data Visualization Training

Data visualization provides a powerful way to communicate data-driven findings, motivate analyses, and aid in decision-making. As organizations further prioritize the need to develop data-driven solutions into workspaces, it becomes important to develop skills and workflows through professional development. International Business and Technical Consultants Inc. (IBTCI), an international development consulting company, needed a program to deliver data visualization training to some of its Monitoring & Evaluation professionals around the world. Using our industry expertise, Blue Raster developed a comprehensive, live virtual data visualization training package to meet the needs of IBTCI.

The IBTCI Monitoring and Evaluation professionals each averaged 10+ years working with data in the fields of global health, education, land management, and other international development fields. Conducted via Microsoft Teams video conferencing, Blue Raster prioritized collaboration and inquiry, which built a gregarious and interactive training for the 20 participants located throughout Kenya, Malawi, and the United States.

Data Vizualization Training
Particpants from Kenya, Malawi, and the US created a virtual community

Data Visualization Training Program

Broken into three 2-hour sessions, we developed a structured and comprehensive approach to virtual data visualization training. Blue Raster Power BI Developer Shannon Lindsay guided participants through discussions and demonstrations on how to visually optimize data for storytelling and decision making.

Session 1

In the first session, participants reviewed and discussed the building blocks of high-impact data visualization. How do you visualize and analyze data so you can extract insights and actionable information? Shannon introduced examples of catering data visualizations to your audience, how to best use your visuals, and developing dashboards.

Session 2

The second session focused on integrating dashboards with Microsoft Excel and Power BI. Power BI allows users to develop a single hub that tracks and manages assets for an organization or project. Additionally, the participants discussed integrating multiple datasets from different sources in order to make captivating and detailed dashboards.

Session 3

The third session provided a chance for the participants to make their own dashboards in Power BI or another program of their choice. Each participant shared their work and received feedback and tips. Additionally, the class discussed using some basic location data in both Microsoft Excel and Power BI.

By the end of the training, participants learned to improve upon their current data visualizations and to consider other applications like Power BI for future projects.  Positive feedback from participants concluded that the data visualization training provided necessary and useful skills in data design and visualization techniques for future projects.

As organizations further prioritize the need to develop data-driven solutions into workspaces, it becomes important to develop skills and workflows towards becoming a data-driven organization through professional development programs. Blue Raster can assist organizations by developing customized fully interactive virtual trainings to build solutions and further the goals of your organization.

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