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Blue Raster at the Esri User Conference 2020

Last week Blue Raster attended the largest GIS event of the year: the annual Esri User Conference. Because of the current pandemic, the event went virtual this year and allowed GIS users around the world easy access to the three-day, livestreamed event. Over 86,000 people from 180 countries registered to take part.

Blue Raster at the UC

Despite the different format for this year’s conference, the Blue Raster team exhibited in the virtual expo and participated in many of the sessions. The expo provided a space to connect with other GIS professionals and users via video conferencing and chat.

Day one kicked off with the first of three plenary sessions spread out throughout the week.  Esri founder Jack Dangermond started off the livestream acknowledging the state of the world noting that, although the attendees could not be there in person, we are all connecting in a different way.  Much of the plenary focused on how people have utilized GIS during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many user applications appeared on screen, including Blue Raster’s StoryMap with the Red Cross.

Esri UC plenary image
Blue Raster Esri UC plenary image

The UC is a Learning Experience

Most of the Blue Raster team attended workshops, Special Interest Group, and technical sessions and walked away with new skills and knowledge about the latest features from Esri.  Some of the features we are most excited about are:

GeoCards:  These dynamic, informational cards are one of the new features for ArcGIS Experience Builder. GeoCards dynamically show individual feature statistics against a color or thematic background and can link out to other data sources, StoryMaps, or Dashboards for users to explore the data more!

Other new Experience Builder enhancements include Bookmarks, which can be used to configure a step-by-step display of locations in a web map, similar to a tour. In addition, there are new visual animations to set effects such as Zoom or Fade-in on widgets when they appear in view.

ArcGIS Field Maps: This new app combines capabilities of five ArcGIS field applications, Collector, Explorer, Navigator, Tracker, and Workforce into one easy to use and convenient mapping application.  It saves space and time for the mobile workforce.

ArcGIS Field Maps

You can watch the three plenary sessions via YouTube. View thought-provoking and powerful stories about how GIS is making a difference in the world. See demonstrations of the latest technology and capabilities ArcGIS offers.

Registered attendees will have access to the on-demand conference content until September 1, 2020. Select conference content will be available to a broader audience through at least December 31, 2020.

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Esri FedGIS 2020

The Blue Raster team recently attended the 2020 Esri Federal GIS (FedGIS) Conference in Washington, DC. The conference brought together over 5,000 GIS professionals from across government agencies to share their knowledge and explore new ways of leveraging GIS in their work. Over the course of three days, Esri staff and industry specialists held presentations and workshops on best practices for location intelligence and their experiences working within the geospatial data community.

Blue Raster's work with the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) was highlighted in the FedGIS plenary presentation by Jack Dangermond, and our project with the Department of Education was featured on a Map Gallery wall.

Esri FedGIS Preconference Events

Esri FedGIS

Esri FedGIS

On Monday, Blue Raster had the opportunity to participate in two Esri FedGIS preconference programs:

  • The Partner Program brought together startups, emerging businesses, the Esri Partner Network, and alliance partners to understand how to effectively work with Esri software in partnership with Esri to drive success.
  • The University Student Program included sessions, workshops, and a career fair event for students in undergraduate and graduate degree programs with interest and experience in GIS and other related fields. Our team co-presented with the Esri StoryMaps team on Storytelling using GIShelping to showcase our work with the new StoryMaps for ArcGIS and present the features that StoryMaps has to offer.
    • New this year was the Esri FedGIS Career Fair for the University students. Blue Raster hosted a table for the career fair portion of the student program, where we had the chance to meet some great students on the cutting edge of GIS technologies, and discuss some of our career opportunities.


Our team also had the opportunity to see some of the wonderful work that others are doing in the geospatial community, as well as present some of our own work.

Blue Raster team member Christina Nordling discussed How Agencies are using StoryMaps to Share Information.

Shannon Lindsay and Phil Satlof shared their work with Integrating Microsoft Power BI and ArcGIS for the TRACE Program.

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