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Cultivating Business Centers by Harvesting Data

The Washington D.C. Economic Partnership (WDCEP) attracts new organizations to the D.C. area by assessing the needs of potential businesses, and then matching those needs to suitable locations within the city. WDCEP then demonstrates site suitability by presenting demographics, neighboring businesses, economic trends, pending constructions and space availability. To organize and present all of this data, Blue Raster transformed WDCEP’s retail and construction data into maps and visualizations, and combined it with DC GIS Open Data. Using the Google Earth platform, this information paints a compelling picture of where and why businesses will flourish in D.C.


With Blue Raster’s help, WDCEP can now provide insightful, layered stories on demand, leading to informed decisions by potential businesses considering a move to the D.C. area.

pic_cshuskey-225x300WDCEP’s core mission is to actively position, promote, and facilitate economic development and business opportunities in Washington, DC.   Blue Raster helped us build a platform that gave us fast access to current data and simplified the telling of DC’s story to local, national and international audiences.

– Chad Shuskey, Senior Vice President of Research and Real Estate, Washington DC Economic Partnership


Visualizing Open Data’s Global Reach

Blue Raster worked with the Center for Open Data Enterprise to build a mapping application showcasing a centralized, searchable database of organizations using open data worldwide. The Open Data Impact Map makes it possible to explore open data-use trends through filters and visualizations and facilitates comparative analysis by country, region, or company use of data. All information collected becomes publicly available as a resource for others to build on.

Open Data Enterprise Impact Map

The web map was developed in Leaflet using React, Backbone.js, Dojo, Modernizr, Underscore.js and jQuery javascript frameworks. ZURB Foundation was used as the web framework.

Joel Gurin, The Center for Open Data Enterprise

“All of us at the Center for Open Data Enterprise are pleased to have worked with Blue Raster on the Open Data Impact Map. Their engaging, user-friendly visualization will help make this an excellent  resource for the open-data community worldwide. We’re looking forward to continuing to work with Blue Raster…”

-Joel Gurin – President, The Center for Open Data Enterprise

Check out the site and see how dynamic clustering is used to visualize open data around the world.

Filter Table View

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