Take a Dip in The Texas Water Explorer

Blue Raster has long worked with The Nature Conservancy to tackle complex environmental problems using GIS analysis and expertise. The Texas Water Explorer does just that: transforming Texas water data into interactive, visual maps so that anyone can understand it at a glance.

The first step in creating the Texas Water Explorer was to create a dashboard, giving detailed background information to users learning about all of the water bodies and conservation indicators available. Read about each of the indicators and datasets, such as River Fragmentation or Sector Water Use, or explore each of the geographies across Texas from the Colorado River Basin to the Gulf Coast Aquifer.


Once in the explorer, users can view and compare data, for example, River Flow Alteration and Presence of Invasive Species. Indicators have pop-ups powered by Highcharts showing trends in data over time.  Export tools allow the creation of custom reports that can be downloaded as Excel and taken on the go. The Texas Water Explorer uses the ArcGIS JavaScript API and Knockout.js to deliver the large amount of data supplied by The Nature Conservancy.

The Nature Conservancy has called the Texas Water Explorer a “one-stop shop on the current state of water in Texas”, an essential component to informed decision making that will lead to healthy communities, healthy environments, and a thriving economy now and in the future. (TNC Launches Texas Water Explorer)

By 2050, our population is set to double to 54 million and every region in Texas is in search of water to support its fast-growing communities. It’s essential to arm decision-makers with the best information available so they can make sound choices and be good stewards. This tool provides important data that can help Texans support healthy communities, a healthy environment and a thriving economy now and in the future.

-Laura Huffman, Texas State Director for The Nature Conservancy

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