Revitalizing Main Street: Tracking Community Opportunities with BOOMS Tracker

Main Street districts across America, once vibrant centers of community life and economic activity, have faced significant challenges over recent decades. Economic shifts, suburbanization, and changing retail landscapes have left many of these historic areas struggling with vacant buildings, underutilized spaces, and a decline in local businesses. The need to revitalize these districts is critical for preserving cultural heritage, fostering economic growth, and enhancing community resilience.

Picture of historic main street buildings.

Addressing Community Challenges with Main Street America

Main Street America, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting traditional commercial districts, has launched the Building Opportunities on Main Street (BOOMS) Tracker to address the issues these areas are now facing. This innovative property inventory tool helps local Main Street leaders collect and analyze data on housing units, businesses, and civic spaces within their districts. By identifying development opportunities in vacant buildings, lots, and upper floors, the BOOMS Tracker provides actionable insights to drive revitalization efforts.

How Does the BOOMS Tracker Work?

  • Mobile Access: Users access district-specific ArcGIS Hub pages on their mobile devices to begin data collection.
  • Detailed Surveys: By selecting a parcel on the map, users complete detailed surveys to capture property information.
  • Real-Time Analysis: Collected data is analyzed and visualized to reveal opportunities, with statistics calculated in real time.
  • Aggregated Insights: Information is aggregated at regional and national levels to support decision-making and policy changes.

Users Access the Survey123 through an Experience Builder App

Users access the ArcGIS Survey123 through an Experience Builder app embedded in an ArcGIS Hub Page

ArcGIS Dashboard visualizing survey results

Data collected is analyzed and visualized in ArcGIS Dashboards to support decision making

The Impact of the BOOMS Tracker

The BOOMS Tracker serves as a central repository for valuable information about the built environment in each district. Insights derived from this tool empower local leaders to make authoritative decisions on housing and land use, driving revitalization efforts. Furthermore, aggregated data at larger regional and national levels provides evidence to influence policy changes and attract more investment into existing buildings.

Blue Raster's Role in Supporting Main Street America

At Blue Raster, we are proud to support the Main Street America's initiative with our expertise in geospatial technology. Utilizing tools such as ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Hub Premium, ArcGIS Survey123, ArcGIS Experience Builder, ArcGIS Dashboards, and the ArcGIS API for Python, we have developed the BOOMS Tracker to help communities visualize and analyze their data effectively. Our work supporting Main Street America ensures that local leaders have the tools they need to revitalize their downtown areas and promote sustainable growth.

Although the full functionality of the BOOMs Tracker is only available to designated Local and Coordinating Programs within the Main Street network, the public can access the BOOMS Tracker home page to see high-level statistics and the collection progress leaderboard.  Visit the BOOMS Tracker and Main Street America for more information.

BOOMS Tracker Public Statistics

BOOMS Tracker Public Statistics

BOOMS Tracker Collection Progress Leaderboard

BOOMS Tracker Collection Progress Leaderboard

BOOMS Tracker Homepage

BOOMS Tracker Homepage

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