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Unlock the true potential of your GIS applications with Blue Raster. Contact us today to discuss
your UI/UX design needs and let us help you create impactful designs that transform the way
users interact with spatial data

UI/UX Design Services - Customized for Your Oganization

Blue Raster is an industry leader in UI/UX design solutions for the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) industry. We understand that in the world of spatial data and mapping, user experience is paramount. Our team of talented designers and UX experts are dedicated to creating visually stunning and user-friendly interfaces that empower users to explore, analyze, and make informed decisions with spatial data.

With 21 years of experience in the GIS industry, we have an in-depth understanding of the unique challenges and requirements of spatial data applications. An Esri Gold Partner, we combine our expertise in ArcGIS technology with our UI/UX design prowess to deliver solutions that are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally effective.

User-Centered Approach

We believe that the best designs are those that are tailored to the needs and preferences of the end-users. Our UI/UX design process begins with a comprehensive understanding of your target audience and their goals. Through user research and testing, we create intuitive interfaces that enable users to interact with complex spatial data effortlessly.

Cutting-Edge Technology

At Blue Raster, we stay at the forefront of technological advancements in the GIS industry. We leverage the latest tools and frameworks to design immersive experiences that leverage the power of geospatial data. Our designs are responsive, scalable, and optimized for performance across various devices and platforms.

Collaboration and Communication

We value strong partnerships with our clients and believe in a collaborative design process. We work closely with you to understand your business goals, brand identity, and design preferences. Throughout the project, we maintain open lines of communication, ensuring that you're involved and informed every step of the way.

Comprehensive Design Services

Our UI/UX design services cover the full spectrum of the design process.  We create UX deliverables including user personas, site maps, concept maps, process flows, wireframes, interactive prototypes, and UI designs that effectively communicate the product architecture, layout, and functionality to team members. This produces visually stunning interfaces that not only meet your functional requirements, but also enhance the overall user experience.

UI/UX Design services

Unlock the true potential of your ArGIS applications with Blue Raster. Contact us today to discuss your UI/UX design needs and let us help you create impactful designs that transform the way users interact with spatial data. Together, we can build innovative and intuitive solutions that drive success.

UI/UX Design Project Examples

City of Lynnwood ArcGIS Hub Support

By Drew Kellenberger | June 25, 2019

Blue Raster recently worked with the City of Lynnwood, Washington to support their Connect Lynnwood ArcGIS Hub launch.

Pew SubsidyExplorer for fisheries subsidies

SubsidyExplorer Tool: Design for Decisions

By Sarah Aldama | October 23, 2020

In collaboration with The Pew Charitable Trusts, Blue Raster assisted in the design of the SubsidyExplorer tool’s interface and workflow to create a web application tool that is easier to understand, navigate, and execute. SubsidyExplorer is a first-of-its-kind interactive toolkit that allows users to explore potential biological and economic impacts of fisheries subsidy reform scenarios.

Tracking Trends of Innovation and Entrepreneurship with The Draper Innovation Index

By Phil Satlof | May 20, 2021

The Draper Innovation Index (DII) was initiated by Draper Hero Institute as an index consisting of a series of data indicators on the state of entrepreneurial activity, environment, and drivers – nationally and globally.

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