What Are the Discovery, Execution, and Maintenance Phases of ArcGIS Enterprise Cloud Migration?

If you’re thinking about deploying ArcGIS Enterprise on cloud environments then it’s important to know what the discovery, execution, and maintenance phases of ArcGIS Enterprise cloud migration entail. At Blue Raster, we’re known for our extensive experience in deploying and managing cloud services and delivering top-notch ArcGIS Enterprise cloud migration support. In fact, our employees hold the following certifications to ensure the smoothest ArcGIS Enterprise cloud migration experience: 

  • Esri Enterprise System Design Professional 
  • Enterprise Geodata Management Professional  
  • Enterprise Administration Professional 
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network Select Consulting Partner 
  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner 
  • AWS Certified Security Specialty 
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect 
  • Microsoft Partner Network 

Our certified team will collaborate with you at every stage of your ArcGIS Enterprise cloud migration, so you’re always informed and onboard for every decision. We aim for every objective to meet your budget and scheduleno matter the cloud computing platform you choose to move forward with. 

We’ve broken down the discovery, execution, and maintenance phases of an ArcGIS Enterprise cloud migration so you can have a better understanding of how hands-on our process is! 

The Discovery Phase of ArcGIS Enterprise Cloud Migration

Before any cloud migration action can take place, our experts will meet with you to dive into your current architecture, GIS assets, and workflows. The discovery phase of an ArcGIS Enterprise cloud migration allows us to understand how your organization is currently using GIS, as well as the ways you want to enhance its capabilities in the future. By determining what is currently working well for your organization and what is not, we’re able to: 

  1. Choose the right cloud computing platform and architecture  
  2. Define the type of scalability you need and pinpoint the solutions that will increase your performance levels 
  3. Control how you want your data to be accessed, used, and stored 

Most importantly, we will discuss together the fundamental ways that geospatial data and analysis support your operations. Once we feel like we have a good understanding of your organization and its needs, we will move on to the execution phase of the ArcGIS Enterprise cloud migration process. 

The Execution Phase of ArcGIS Enterprise Cloud Migration

When we’ve covered the critical bases of your organization, our certified professionals will craft a cloud migration plan that helps you accomplish all of your goals. If there are tools or workflows that are not working well for your organization, we will exclude them from the execution of the migration process.  

We will work hand-in-hand with your IT team and other key stakeholders throughout the execution phase of the ArcGIS Enterprise cloud migration to ensure all of the cloud services integrate well with your existing systems and align with your overall technical roadmap. During the execution phase, we will focus on installing and deploying ArcGIS Enterprise and any other necessary or desired components that were decided upon during discovery. This will all be documented in your finalized architecture. Our team will also: 

  1. Assist with the configuration of user accounts and permissions 
  2. Implement a relational database management system as a datastore for GIS data 
  3. Set up a secure host for GIS administration 
  4. Ensure appropriate security measures and backups are in place 

The Maintenance Phase of ArcGIS Enterprise Cloud Migration

After completing the execution phase, our experts are readily available to support you with IT trainings, ongoing consultation services, proactive monitoring and health checks, and on-demand support services for any technical issues that may arise when administering and using ArcGIS Enterprise in the cloud. The maintenance phase of ArcGIS cloud migration may be the third step, but it’s not the end of our partnership. We’re here for you and your team whenever you need us! 

Expert Guidance for Your ArcGIS Enterprise Cloud Migration

Learn more about our ArcGIS Enterprise cloud migration plans and get started with our team today! 

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