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ArcGIS Experience Builder empowers you to quickly transform your data
into compelling web apps without writing a single line of code.

From ArcGIS Web AppBuilder to Experience Builder: migrating to the next generation of configurable webGIS application frameworks

Web AppBuilder has been a reliable and faithful product for many GIS users to quickly deploy applications, serve data out to their customers, and provide access to maps and analysis without custom development. Web AppBuilder has a breadth of out-of-the-box widgets available and allows ease of UI/UX design for rapid application deployment but is now officially moving towards retirement. In the wake of the Web AppBuilder retirement, GIS users are now moving towards ArcGIS Experience Builder to migrate their existing apps and fulfill the role of a commercial off-the-shelf solution.

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Experience Builder

Blue Raster has assisted numerous clients, spanning a variety of industries, in both developing Experience Builder applications and migrating existing Web AppBuilder apps into Experience Builder. The two applications are not completely analogous – some widgets will not be adapted in ArcGIS Experience Builder that are in Web AppBuilder, while there many new functionalities and options within Experience Builder. Experience Builder provides a wide range for customization and design, allowing for applications with multiple pages, and no requirement for a map on each page. Experience Builder is highly responsive, enabling analysts or designers to optimize the application for viewing on multiple devices and resolutions. Experience Builder also allows more interaction with other ArcGIS apps – like Dashboards and the ability to create a survey within the builder.

Key features:
    • Mobile optimization
    • More design flexibility
    • Interconnected widgets
    • Integration with other ArcGIS items – Dashboards, Survey123
    • Can be extended through Developer Edition

User Stories


Originally, Montgomery County, Maryland was interested in a Web AppBuilder to visualize and promote potential transit options and support in the planning process. After further consideration, Experience Builder was selected to ensure the application’s longevity and to utilize key features not available within Web AppBuilder. Blue Raster designed an Experience Builder application that leverages pages to exhibit different scenarios, incorporates integration with Survey123 to garner feedback, and is optimized for mobile.


Blue Raster is in process of migrating Green-Wood Cemetery’s legacy Tree Finder application into a new Tree Finder built through Experience Builder. The new application houses filters for finding plants, memorials, dedications, and a survey. It is also optimized for mobile, so users can access and navigate Tree Finder as an interactive complement while they explore the grounds.


Blue Raster worked with the city of Manassas Park to develop several GIS Viewer applications using Experience Builder to allow users in different city departments, such as Police, Land Management, Zoning, and Public Works to easily interact with GIS layers needed for their everyday workflows.

ArcGIS Experience Builder - migrate from Web AppStudio today

Blue Raster produced an Experience Builder for South Park Arboretum application suited for both internal workflows and public use. The application contains numerous filters and queries for individuals or staff to identify trees of interest, facilities information, reference data such as Olmsted’s garden planting plan, and a survey for visitor feedback. As the application was developed with a mobile-friendly design in mind, users can easily use the tool while on the grounds to easily navigate and find relevant information.

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