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Transform how you engage with your community through
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Transform how you engage with your community

The Pew Research Center found that “65 percent of Americans search online for information about their government. Yet, less than 10 percent report finding what they need.” As part of the Esri Geospatial Cloud, ArcGIS Hub provides a two-way engagement platform to connect government and citizens.

Blue Raster offers Hub support packages to help users successfully set up, implement, and launch ArcGIS Hub. Using our technical expertise and comprehensive knowledge of ArcGIS Hub configurable templates, Blue Raster can help you jump start your Hub Apps and Initiatives. We assisted in the creation of the Economic Development and Community Development Hub Applications and can support the creation of your own customized Hub Apps and Web Pages.


ArcGIS Hub



Communicate pertinent information to keep the public informed of the status of municipal projects. Promote the sharing of feedback and receive responses directly from community members.


Track the progress of business projects and economic development in your region. Manage planning resources to stimulate growth and increase business appeal.


Highlight and publicize your most successful events, business, neighborhoods, and more. Advertise whatever it is that makes your municipality unique and exciting for residents and investors alike.


Evaluate departmental performance and task efficiency to boost accountability and transparency within your governing body. Communicate administrative activism by showing progress in health, safety, entertainment, and more.


Utilize spatial analysis and visualization to reduce the risk of vector-borne diseases. If an outbreak occurs, seamlessly gather data from both responders and community members. Provide critical alerts to keep the public informed and prevent further loss.


Raise awareness of this increasingly prevalent issue. Create action plans and advertise programs to reduce the occurrence of homelessness in your community.


Organize and catalog spatial data, and grant access to both community members and the general public. Designate which data is authoritative, and which has been deprecated.


Raise awareness of this increasingly prevalent issue. Create action plans and advertise programs to reduce the occurrence of opioid abuse in your community.


Track and analyze the locations of traffic accidents and pedestrian injuries. Implement solutions to reduce interactions between pedestrians and vehicle traffic to increase public safety.

COVID-19 Support

Covid-19 map

Blue Raster is providing government and community organizations with GIS solutions support as they fight the spread of COVID-19 in their communities. We are ready to assist your organization with the rapid setup of ArcGIS Hub pages, dashboards, and web applications to assist in Coronavirus response efforts. We can also help you achieve rapid, cost-effective cloud solutions for server and application hosting.

  • Our team is trained by Esri & FEMA on disaster response efforts.
  • If you are a state or local government agency, we are on the GSA Schedule as well as many state contracts, like Maryland CATS+ and Pennsylvania Disaster Emergency Suppliers.
  • We are Amazon Web Service and Microsoft Azure partners.

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City of Lynnwood ArcGIS Hub Support


Blue Raster recently worked with the City of Lynnwood, Washington to support their Connect Lynnwood ArcGIS Hub launch. Our team assisted in the design and creation of the Connect Lynnwood Hub Site and their 10 Minute Walk (10MW) Initiative. Through ArcGIS Hub, local officials at the City of Lynnwood are able to easily publish data and story maps to allow their citizens to get more involved with their community.

Click Here to read more about Blue Raster’s work on the Lynnwood Hub, or Click Here to view and interact with the Hub itself! Or, keep reading to learn more about the two Hub Applications that the Blue Raster team helped to develop!

Economic Development Hub App

Show business owners why your city is an ideal place to attract top industry talent and grow their business. We can help you build the Economic Development Hub Application to drive opportunity in your city.


  • Support exploration, discovery, and analysis of available retail and investment opportunities
  • Use interactive maps to visualize a variety of information to the public, potential developers, investors, and residents.
  • Better understand top industries compared to other major U.S. cities.

Community Development Hub App

Show current or potential residents why your city is the ideal place to call home. Blue Raster can help you build the Community Development Hub Application to understand key differentiating factors that make residents love your city.


  • List attractions and events
  • Highlight your city’s unique assets and key neighborhoods
  • Explore interactive maps of key community data such as locations of farmers markets, churches, parks, and housing and rental availability.

Levels of Support

We offer flexible support options based on the scope of your organization's ArcGIS Hub implementation goals:

Tier 1
  • Design and develop one pilot Initiative site
  • Knowledge transfer, hand-off, and documentation
Tier 2
  • Design and develop up to three Initiative sites
  • Support for Story Map design, Survey123, and/or Dashboard creation
  • Knowledge transfer, hand-off, and documentation
Tier 3
  • Design and develop three+ Initiatives
  • Support for Story Map design, Survey123, and/or Dashboard creation
  • Knowledge transfer, hand-off, and documentation

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