ArcGIS Online

ArcGIS Online is a cloud-based platform allowing users to
design intelligent web maps, express data online, share results,
and collaborate on data collection and analysis.

ArcGIS Online turns your data into stories

ArcGIS Online is a cloud-based, collaborative platform that turns your data into vivid geographic stories and tools. The platform offers a customizable infrastructure for designing intelligent Web maps, expressing your data online, sharing your results, and enabling collaboration on data collection and analysis.

  • Ready to Use

    Start mapping on demand without any installation or setup — no expensive servers to buy and maintain, no complicated Web code to decipher. The easy-to-use interface of ArcGIS Online allows you to stay in control of your data and enable wide participation in creating and publishing intelligent maps and apps.

  • Easy to Use

    Technical knowledge is not required to create interactive maps. ArcGIS online allows someone with no GIS desktop experience to start using GIS technology today. You can even work directly inside Excel to quickly map addresses and other geographic data.

  • Always Accessible

    Input and manage your data, perform GIS analysis, and map your results from any browser anywhere, including on your mobile devices. Storing your data safely in the cloud turns your information into web-enabled services useful to everyone in your organization.

  • Shareable

    Share your maps and data widely by embedding them in websites and blogs, using them in custom applications, and publicizing them via social media and mobile devices. Easily setup private and public groups and control what is available to your users.

Blue Raster is ready to take you there with its ArcGIS Online Accelerate solutions.

Our team will lead your organization safely into this new frontier of GIS, working to assess your current systems and arrive at a plan for leveraging ArcGIS Online. In 2013, Esri certified Blue Raster as an ArcGIS Online Specialty Partner for our demonstrated leadership in delivering apps and services with the ArcGIS platform.

Learn how Blue Raster is ready to take you there with ArcGIS Online Accelerate solutions.

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