Elections GIS Services

Improve the operations, management,
and reporting related to elections for
elections officials and the voting public.

Supporting Elections with Geospatial Technology

Elections and geography are intertwined through the locations of voters, the boundaries that determine their districts, and how this relationship defines a voter's representation. Geospatial Technologies serves to improve the operations, management, and reporting tied to elections by visualizing and analyzing these relationships.

What Can GIS Do For Your Elections Process?

Blue Raster implements innovative geospatial technologies to support and improve our client's elections workflows. Through data visualization, automation, analysis, and reporting, management of all aspects of elections can be improved for both elections officials and the voting public. With solutions ranging from highly configurable to fully custom, GIS provides capabilities that include but are not limited to:

  • Visualize Voter Data
  • Identify Differences Between Voter Locations & District Assignments
  • Provide Insights with Interactive Dashboards
  • Develop Public Facing Web Applications for Election Resources
  • Automate Voter Registration Quality Assurance Reporting
  • Tailor GIS Training for Elections Officials
  • Deploy Esri's Election Management Solutions
  • Improve Insights & Decision Making With Increased Data Transparency
Fulton County Voter Records to Review
Voter Quality Assurance Dashboard Showing Voter Records to Review

Success Story: Georgia Secretary of State Elections Division

Amid statewide redistricting efforts, Georgia’s Elections Division needed to ensure that their 8 million voters were correctly matched with their new voting district. The Redistricting Quality Assurance Tool was developed as a secure, online solution to verify voter registration system data and validate new district assignments both at the state and county levels. Using a combination of ArcGIS Pro on Amazon Web Services (AWS), ArcGIS StreetMap Premium, ArcGIS Hub, and Python automation, voter files were geocoded and results analyzed to identify discrepancies between voter locations and district assignments. These results were disseminated to county officials through ArcGIS Hub, allowing corrections to made efficiently. The solution developed by Blue Raster was recently featured on the local news in Atlanta

Improve Your Election Cycle With GIS Today

Blue Raster's ability to visualize and analyze voter data, district boundaries, polling locations, and more empowers our clients to improve their regular elections processes. The additional insights gained from deploying innovative spatial technologies enables improved decision making for elections officials and a better experience for voters. Contact Blue Raster today to learn what is possible when you spatially enrich your elections.

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