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Learn how to use Microsoft’s business intelligence tools to create
meaningful data visualization and provide business intelligence.

Make Better Business Decisions Based On Better Business Intelligence

Power BI transforms your company's data into rich visuals for you to collect and organize so you can focus on what matters to you. The team at Blue Raster can guide you on a data-driven path towards your organization's future by implementing the powerful solutions in the Microsoft Power BI platform. Contact us today to learn more about our Power BI Consulting services.

Blue Raster can transform your data into decisions with Power BI.

Power BI

Find new insights in your data with Power BI

Our process kicks off with a critical reflection of existing data and systems across agencies and programs to pull together disparate sources into a single solution. The Blue Raster team includes Power BI Consultants, Solutions Architects, Data Scientists and Application Developers, each bringing expertise to create comprehensive data tools using technologies such as Python, R, SQL, and Microsoft Power BI.

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Create predictive models to anticipate behaviors and trends

Our iterative process empowers key stakeholders and leaders to be closely involved in the development process and give feedback throughout project execution. Throughout this process, Blue Raster will create an environment which fosters a culture of data use and data-driven decision making. Providing real-time data within interactive Power BI dashboards will drive institutional learning and adoption to make your organization more effective into the future.

Identify key metrics for forecasting events and outcomes

See your company's data in new ways with interactive data visualization BI tools from Microsoft Power BI. Predictive modeling, temporal analysis, natural language processing, statistical analysis and computing will produce a holistic data analytics platform for all users. Our specialty is transforming complex data analysis into modern, straightforward visualizations through hands-on UI/UX design sessions, using tactics such as visual hierarchy and strategic use of color, proper alignment of visuals, properly rotated axes and proper utilization of white space.

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Power BI Training

Our on-site, instructor-led Power BI training helps teams adopt Microsoft Power BI for self-service business intelligence and analytics. Blue Raster has certified Power BI consultants that can train your team to leverage their data and improve your operations. With hands-on labs and in-person guidance, attendees will learn to create stunning visualizations and valuable data insights quickly and easily with Power BI.

Blue Raster has proven experience and expertise in developing Power BI dashboard applications and data visualizations that provide clear and concise data analysis. Let our Power BI consultants help your organization build interactive, real-time dashboards and analytics that generate actionable insights.

Power BI

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